• Clinical Dental Technician

    Denture TechnicianIn the UK Clinical Dental Technicians are registered with the General Dental Council in London. This is following graduation from the Royal College Of Surgeons London. Clinical Dental Technicians can work directly with patients for the provision of complete Dentures, if the patient has no remaining teeth.
    If the patient still has remaining natural teeth, they see the dentist first to check those remaining teeth, the Dentist then refers them to the Clinical Dental Technician for the provision of partial dentures.

    Les Gotts, has the coveted Royal College of Surgeons Dipoma and registered with the General Dental Council as a Clinical Dental Technician and is qualified for the following services:

    1. Perform a complete visual/digital oral examination and evaluation of the patient. This includes obtaining a complete medical and dental history of the patient.
    2. Take impressions of the oral tissue and make necessary jaw relation records, select artificial teeth, design the dentures.
    3. Fabricate and insert dentures in the mouths of patients.
    4. Perform any adjunctive services such as a repair to dentures, relines and adjustments of removable dentures.
    5. Supervise auxiliary personnel in the performance of their delegated duties.
    6. Treat traumatised oral tissues.
    7. Provide implant supported dental prosthesis,both fixed or removable.
    8. Provide anti-bruxism (night guard) devices.
    9. Creating a clone of your denture (denture cloning)