• How To Get Used To Your New Dentures

    Many patients will experience new sensations when they first have their new dentures fitted.  These may range from a feeling of enormity, due to the fact that the surface area may be bigger, the bite has been re-aligned if the old dentures were well worn.  This can lead to excessive quantities of saliva and the speech may be slightly compromised.  The “S” words in particular may be sightly different during the first hour of wearing a new denture.  Reading out aloud is important and will allow you to practice your vocabulary.  By practising this will speed up integration of the new dentures.

    Pressure points may also become evident as the denture settles down to your tissues with the enhanced fit.  This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

    Directions will be given to each patient as to how to manage your denture in the forseeable future and when to come back for adjustments, which are free of charge as part of the treatment.

    When eating you will be advised to chew soft foods for a few days, again to allow your dentures to settle in your mouth.

    If you’ve had to wear dentures for a significant number of years you will take some time before you are completely comfortable with them.  This may be due to the new contours of the denture flanges and teeth.  Again, this is perfectly normal and advice will be provided.

    A full treatment program will be outlined to all patients from the first appointment to the last, to make your experience as comfortable as possible.